Customer Grievance Policy (for JVMPAY Wallet consumers)

The purpose of the document is to provide information to JVMPAY customers of the various channels available through which they can reach out to JVMPAY for any grievance on JVMPAY services and timelines for grievance resolution. JVMPAY has a dedicated Customer Care team for managing any customer queries and grievances, if any.

We value our customers:

Customers can share their feedback or grievance, on any of the JVMPAY services, towards any deficiency in service or any communication, they have with JVMPAY employees, on which they are not satisfied.

Following mentioned below are the channels through which customers can send in their Complaints Queries or Requests
Channel Contact Details Working Hours
Phone JVMPAY Customer care: +91 120-3100616 09.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Monday to Saturday
Email Write to: 09.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Monday to Saturday
Courier Tower-B, Floor-8th, Office No-819, KLJ Noida One B 8, Block B, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 09.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Monday to Saturday (Except Govt. Holidays and National Holidays).

The above mentioned channels are for redressal of JVMPAY customer grievances or complaints, providing online support wherever possible, and for capturing customer feedback on JVMPAY services. JVMPAY on receipt of any complaint, grievance or feedback will reach out to the respective customer and the same will be resolved in the specified timeline as communicated below. If any of the above complaint/grievance is not addressed to the satisfaction of the customer in the below specified timeline, then the customer can choose to escalate the same to Level 2 of the escalation level as given below, with the original complaint ticket no and the details there off, of the issue raised. The escalation process is as mentioned below in the Escalation section.

Note – escalations without an Original Complaint ticket number will not be treated as an escalation
Customer Resolution Timelines:
No. Complaint Type Estimated Timelines (SLA)
1 Any JVMPAY Wallet Transaction related issue Within 7 working days of receipt of the grievance. (In case of involvement of any third parties in resolution, timelines followed by leading banks/partner would be applied and communicated to customers)
2 JVMPAY Wallet related issues 5 Working Days

The process is split into two steps:

1. Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement of consumer query or complain will be sent to the customer. This will be delivered via email, based on availability of email id of the customer.
2. Resolution: Response will be sent to the consumer either in form of resolution, or for any further communication/detail required to resolve the consumer concern.
Escalation Matrix: JVMPAY provides 3 layered customer support

Levels Person/Team Mode Escalation protocol
Level 1 JVMPAY Customer Care JVMPAY Customer care: +91 120-3100616
Write to
JVMPAY Customer Care team will acknowledge the grievance immediately on the receipt of complaint in the form of: Auto response in case of Emails: Answering the calls at the call center. In all the scenarios a reference number (Ticket No) would be provided for all future communication around the particular complaint. The customer will also be kept informed on the progress towards the final resolution or communicate any delays in redressing the concern. All complaints would be closed only basis the customer’s feedback and acceptance of closure.
Level 2 JVMPAY Customer Care JVMPAY Customer care: +91 120-3100616
Email to:
In case the customer is not satisfied with the Resolution provided by Level 1 executives Breach in the above-mentioned Service Level Agreements or timelines Behavior of any representative or sat! member at JVMPAY
Level 3 Nodal Officer Registered post/courier: Attn: Nodal Officer Email In case the customer is still not satisfied with the resolution provided or delay in response beyond the timelines communicated even after following the above-mentioned escalation steps, the customer can escalate the concern to the highest level * Please note all the complaints sent to this level would be entertained only if the communication sent contains the complaint number shared at level 1